Be Who You Are Quotes

Be Who You Are Quotes by Willie Nelson, Lewis Carroll, Amy Ray, Herb Ritts, Jon Lovitz, Demi Lovato and many others.

I don't believe in adhering to any rules I don't suppor

I don’t believe in adhering to any rules I don’t support and I didn’t vote for. To hell with what people think. Just be who you are and you’ll be happy.
Willie Nelson
Be who you are, said the Duchess to Alice, or, if you would like it put more simply, never try to be what you might have been or could have been other than what you should have been.
Lewis Carroll
You can spend time self-identifying and figuring out what you are on that, but at some point, you just want to be who you are and not walk around telling people.
Amy Ray
Being an American is about having the right to be who you are. Sometimes that doesn’t happen.
Herb Ritts
I would never tell anyone who to vote for. I’m a different kind of ‘liberal’ and I think people should be true to themselves. If you’re Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, you should be true to yourself and be who you are.
Jon Lovitz
Be who you are and don’t allow anyone to affect the confidence you have in your individuality.
Demi Lovato
Be who you are, nothing more… nothing less.
Michael Franti
Give up being perfect for being authentic. Be who you are. Love who you are. Others will too.
Hal Elrod
Be who you are and I’ll be who I am. I refuse to take sides, because everybody has their story.
Sandra Bernhard
The way I look at it, love does not necessarily make for a happy ending any more than winning does. What makes for a happy ending is what Addie said all along: freedom. The freedom to be who you are without anybody calling you names. —Bobby Goodspeed
James Howe
Old man’s gotta be the old man. Fish has got to be the fish. Gotta be who you are in this world, no matter what.
Robert McCall
Every rule in the book can be broken, except one – be who you are, and become all you were meant to be.
Sydney J. Harris
Be who you are. If you’re comfortable leading, you’re comfortable. And if you’re not, it’s OK.
Joe Girardi
Life is full of challenges. How you handle these challenges is what builds character. Never be afraid to be who you are.
Erin Brockovich
Be who you are and let everyone love that person.
Wiz Khalifa
We’re not actors, we’re people behaving like ourselves on TV. We’re both [me and Gordon Ramsay] exactly who we are on TV. I don’t think either one is an exaggerated version. You just have to be who you are.
Chelsea Handler
Do what you do and be who you are.
Nick Saban