Close To My Heart Quotes

Close To My Heart Quotes by Claude Nicollier, Simone Elkeles, China Mieville, Rachel Bloom, John Oliver, Rand Paul and many others.

Hubble is very close to my heart, and going back to Hub

Hubble is very close to my heart, and going back to Hubble, because I was there once already in 1993, is really a great privilege for me.
Claude Nicollier
One of the things that makes me who I am is the loyalty I have to people I hold close to my heart.
Simone Elkeles
In the field of fantastic fiction, the question of world-building is not uncontroversial. But I grew up with ‘Dungeons and Dragons,’ so that whole world-building thing is very close to my heart.
China Mieville
Sometimes I write music, sometimes I don’t. I think I’m just writing more what’s close to my heart, and musical stuff is close to my heart, and it’s fun to write, and when something’s fun to write you don’t think about what statement you’re trying to make or what genre you’re trying to hone in on.
Rachel Bloom
Veterans’ issues are quite close to my heart. I find it quite hard to talk about, actually.
John Oliver
As long as I sit at Henry Clay’s desk, I will remember his lifelong desire to forge agreement, but I will also keep close to my heart the principled stand of his cousin, Cassius Clay, who refused to forsake the life of any human, simply to find agreement.
Rand Paul
Smallville’ was my first love and it is always close to my heart.
Erica Durance
I did a project on immigration, which is something that has always been close to my heart. For me, immigration was the way to evolve, to make people better.
Agathe Snow
Let your heart guide you…it whispers so listen closely.
Walt Disney
Vets are close to my heart, okay, and it’s not only because I served, okay. It’s because of what they go through, okay. A lot of these people have gave their lives, a lot of them have gave their limbs, okay, you know, that’s a, that’s a, that’s a heap, you know.
Si Robertson
Not all the songs are real events, but I do write about stuff that is close to my heart and it comes out one way or another.
Matt Berninger
I’m a firm supporter of the word polyamory. But that one is close to my heart.
Patrick Rothfuss
New York City is crazy and beautiful and really close to my heart, and I’ve always had dear friends here – family, actually, I would say.
Benedict Cumberbatch
I’m so tired of hearing casting directors ask if I have a sore throat. The people who have told me that my voice is distinctive, it’s unusual…those people have always been close to my heart.
Scarlett Johansson
Motherhood is an amazing feeling, and if you get to relive those special moments while working, it works as an icing on the cake. Kids have always been close to my heart, and working with them is a pleasure for me.
I think you can tell the food is close to my heart, too, because I’m doing what I do best.
Giada De Laurentiis
Multiple Sclerosis is obviously close to my heart and I’m determined to make a difference in the lives of people who suffer from the disease by raising the profile of MS, as well as raising funds for advocacy and research.
Ann Romney