Different Kinds Of Music Quotes

Different Kinds Of Music Quotes by T-Pain, Ryan Adams, Oksana Baiul, Eric Church, Jancee Dunn, Mirah and many others.

I had to make different kinds of music for everybody bu

I had to make different kinds of music for everybody but still keep it classic T-Pain at the same time.
Part of the joy of music is listening to lots of different kinds of music and learning from it. Specifically for me, I like writing songs that move me, and what moves me are beautiful songs on the piano or the guitar and really, really heavy music.
Ryan Adams
I’d like to consider myself a versatile skater and I like to skate to different kinds of music.
Oksana Baiul
I think right now, you’ve seen these artists pop up over the last decade who’ve flirted with branching together a lot of different kinds of music. Some of them have been huge, and sold millions of records. And I think over time it’s become a little bit of what the industry can be.
Eric Church
I think in its own small way, it did push people to be more accepting of different kinds of music. It definitely made music more egalitarian in terms of, it took away the shame of the goofy bands that you liked.
Jancee Dunn
I definitely enjoy working within different contexts, with different collaborators, and in different locations. I need to keep feeding myself as an artist by working with different people. I see continuing with that. I’ve also enjoyed getting to explore different kinds of music and instruments in the last couple of years.
I love to travel to hear different kinds of music.
Nina Simone
I like a lot of different kinds of music. I like strong projects, big music.
James Iha
There are only so many letters in the alphabet. When I talk to young musicians or authors and they ask for advice, I say, You gotta learn all the letters of your own personal alphabet. With music, you need to know all the different kinds of music and everything in and around your given instrument.
David Lee Roth
I have always enjoyed different kinds of music.
Billy Sherwood
I like all different kinds of music. I never heavily molded myself after rappers. Sometimes they say when you think something and you go to say it, you lose a lot of color about what you’re trying to say, so to me the best rappers are the people that don’t lose that color.
I’m really just trying to do things that I enjoy. I’m trying to play music that I like to play and like to listen to. I just have to think if I like those different kinds of music, there are other people who aren’t so different from me.
Lyle Lovett
I am a woman of theatre, I’m a librarian of theatre and I love all different kinds of music and all different kinds of expressions.
Lady Gaga
Everyday something new pops into my mind: I could do this next or I could do that next. I want to grow more and more and show people different sides of myself, whether it’s different kinds of music, different kinds of movies, or different kinds of television.
LeAnn Rimes
As for my voice, it cannot be categorized-and I like it that way, because I sing things that would be considered in the dramatic, mezzo or spinto range. I like so many different kinds of music that I’ve never allowed myself the limitations of one particular range.
Jessye Norman
I listen to a lot of different kind of music. A lot of weird-ass music, like weird-ass, old Portishead.
Mac Miller
I like so many different kinds of music just because all I did was listen to the radio as a kid.
Philip Seymour Hoffman