Different Kinds Of Music Quotes

I listen to so many different kinds of music – I mean, I listen to everything. I listen to everything from Bon Jovi to Taylor Swift. It just goes everywhere.
Mark Indelicato
Pop music, which I deeply admire and wish I could play better than I can, is based on expressing one mood, one feeling at a time. Classical music is by its very nature involved with different kinds of music, constantly transforming one another, which is more akin to the way our experience of life really is.
Michael Tilson Thomas
You just have to follow your own heart. I listen to so many different kinds of music and at the end of the day you want to make a record that you’re super proud of.
Richard Patrick
To me, it makes more sense to write different songs and to play different kinds of music and to find your own voice. But no matter what, get out and play for people. Get out and learn, and do everything that you can, you know?
Corey Taylor
Poems have a different music from ordinary language, and every poem has a different kind of music of necessity, and that’s, in a way, the hardest thing about writing poetry is waiting for that music, and sometimes you never know if it’s going to come.
C. K. Williams
I was working for Alan Lomax in the Library of Congress folk song archive, and starting to realize what a wealth of different kinds of music there was in this country that you never heard on the radio.
Pete Seeger
I decided that I wanted to explore all kinds of music with my cello, not just the Western classical tradition. I just wanted to try and expand my vocabulary and bring that different kind of music to my audience.
Maya Beiser
I heard a lot of different kinds of music. I heard country music, I heard jazz, I heard symphonic music, opera, everything you can think of except very modern music.
Pauline Oliveros
I listen to a lot of different kinds of music.
David Johansen
Most of my records are very dense, composition-heavy, and there’s bits of different kinds of music like an acoustic ballad, instrumental trio pieces, and vocal tracks.
Steve Vai
I really like the challenge of working with different kinds of music. I feel like my role is really like a coach, so I feel like I can do my job for different kinds of music that may not necessarily be what I listen to.
Rick Rubin
Jazz music by its very nature is just a conglomerate of a lot of different kinds of music.
David Sanborn
I sometimes play different kinds of music to see where the performers end up. I play one genre. Then something else when I do it again. It really helps.
Nicolas Winding Refn
I’m really open to different kinds of music, I don’t like to limit myself to pop.
Mark Indelicato
I like so many different kinds of music that I’ve never allowed myself the limitations of one particular range.
Jessye Norman
I’m kind of inspired by just all different kinds of music.