Do The Right Thing Quotes

Do The Right Thing Quotes by John Wall, Cat Zingano, Ben Bernanke, Luis Fortuno, Matthew Lewis, B. J. Penn and many others.

You always gotta do the right thing: you never know who

You always gotta do the right thing: you never know who’s watching.
John Wall
With a lot of things in life, it’s hard to do the right thing.
Cat Zingano
The Federal Reserve’s job is to do the right thing, to take the long-run interest of the economy to heart, and that sometimes means being unpopular. But we have to do the right thing.
Ben Bernanke
When I came into office, I could have kicked the can down the road for a little while, or I could do the right thing.
Luis Fortuno
You can stay true to yourself and your friends, you can do the right thing, you can do with your life whatever you want to. I think that’s a lovely message.
Matthew Lewis
I live my life my way. I try to do the right thing, but I know there are going to be people who aren’t happy with what I do or say no matter what, so I’m not going to worry about it.
B. J. Penn
Usually for the last play, everyone goes helter-skelter. They go to the wrong spots. They don’t do the right thing.
John Stockton
I’m a huge Spike Lee fan. I saw ‘Do The Right Thing’ twice in the same night when it first came out and had long conversations with all my friends about the issues in it.
Joe Cornish
In life, try your best to do the right thing. Have fun while you’re alive. Take advantage of every asset you have. Don’t take anything for granted.
Justin Chon
I may have hurt some people along the way, but I would like to be seen as somebody who has done his best to do the right thing for any situation and not compromised.
Ratan Tata
But a lot of ‘Bhavesh Joshi’ comes from the ‘angry young man’ – the Bachchan films of the ’70s or the Sunny Deol films of the ’80s, where there is someone who has been wronged and wants to do the right thing.
Vikramaditya Motwane
Civilization rests on the fact that most people do the right thing most of the time.
Dean Koontz
Kentuckians deserve leaders who aren’t afraid to do the right thing.
Andy Beshear
American people are not evil. Given information, they will do the right thing. But they’re not given the information.
Tim Robbins
And also, more and more businesses really want to do the right thing. They feel better about themselves, their workers feel better, and so do their customers. I think this is equally true in the transnational corporations, but it is harder to express in those situations.
Paul Hawken
I think you’ve still got to try to be good, day-to-day. You see a granny, you hold the door open for her. You just try to do the right thing. I don’t know if that makes you a saint or the greatest guy in the world, but trying is a start.
Sami Zayn
To be honest I live among the English and have always found them to be very honest in their business dealings. They are noble, hard-working and anxious to do the right thing. But joy eludes them, they lack the joy that the Irish have.
Fiona Shaw