Fight The Good Fight Quotes

Fight The Good Fight Quotes by Ali ibn Abi Talib, Ani DiFranco, Paulo Coelho, Joy Bryant, Joel Osteen, Carl Yastrzemski and many others.

To fight against one's desires is the greatest of all f

To fight against one’s desires is the greatest of all fights.
Ali ibn Abi Talib
For me, the stronger ground I have in my personal life, then the more will I have to fight the good fight.
Ani DiFranco
No man is an island. To fight the good fight we need help.
Paulo Coelho
Donate time, food, or money to organizations that fight the good fight. We can act individually for the collective good. We can all do something.
Joy Bryant
The Good Fight is the one that we fight in the name of our dreams.
Paulo Coelho
Life’s a fight. It’s a good fight of faith.
Joel Osteen
The race doesn’t always belong to the swift nor the battle to the strong. It belongs rather to those who run the race, who stay the course and who fight the good fight.
Carl Yastrzemski
If you fight you won’t always win. But if you don’t fight you will always lose
Bob Crow
The busiest people I have known in my life always have time enough to do everything. Those who do nothing are always tired and pay no attention to the little amount of work they are required to do. They complain constantly that the day is too short. The truth is, they are afraid to fight the good fight.
Paulo Coelho
Fight the good fight of faith, and God will give you spiritual mercies.
George Whitefield
Life is a hard battle anyway. If we laugh and sing a little as we fight the good fight of freedom, it makes it all go easier. I will not allow my life’s light to be determined by the darkness around me.
Sojourner Truth
It feels good to rail against what is wrong in the world, to fight the good fight, to beat the drum of making a difference. I am right there with you.
Brenda Strong
My own heroes are the dreamers, those men and women who tried to make the world a better place than when they found it, whether in small ways or great ones. Some succeeded, some failed, most had mixed results… but it is the effort that’s heroic, as I see it. Win or lose, I admire those who fight the good fight.
George R. R. Martin
It is one thing to be awakened to injustice and quite another to be willing to be inconvenienced and interrupted to do something about it.
Christine Caine
When you go through difficult times…recognize that God is refining you, knocking off some of your rough edges.
Joel Osteen