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George H. W. Bush is gracious. And I'm not saying any o

George H. W. Bush is gracious. And I’m not saying any of the former presidents aren’t gracious, I’m just saying, this man is gracious.
George W. Bush
When we remember presidents who didn’t fulfill their promises – for instance George H.W. Bush saying no new taxes or Barack Obama saying he would close the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay – we remember those because they’re the exceptions, not the rule.
Evan Osnos
The U.S.S. George H. W. Bush is a great thing in my life. It’s amazing. A great honor.
George H. W. Bush
In the last 100 years only Presidents George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford lost their bids for reelection. President Lyndon Johnson did not run for a second term.
Juan Williams
South Carolina put George H.W. Bush into the White House. But George W. Bush into the White House and sent Jeb Bush back to Miami.
Chuck Todd
[On George H.W. Bush vs. Michael Dukakis:] Americans now know they can vote for a man who can’t express his thoughts or a man who can’t express his feelings.
Mary McGrory
George H. W. Bush. He’s been a classy guy in his post-presidency.
George W. Bush
I see in [George H. W.] Bush a striving to be Reagan-like in the sense of having a big vision, and eschewing small details.
David E. Hoffman
Three American presidents-Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson-have asked the question: What do we get from aiding Pakistan? Five-Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama-have wondered aloud whether Pakistan’s leaders can be trusted to keep their word.
Husain Haqqani
Four years of Jimmy Carter gave us two titanic Reagan landslides, peace and prosperity for eight blessed years – and even a third term for his feckless vice president, George H.W. Bush.
Ann Coulter
[On George H.W. Bush:] By 1990 I had learned that I had to defer to him in conversation and not to stint the praise. If that was what was necessary to secure Britain’s interests and influence, I had no hesitation in eating a little humble pie.
Margaret Thatcher
[Dan Fried] served under President [Barack] Obama and under President George W. Bush before that and under President [Bill] Clinton before that and under President George H.W. Bush before that and under [Ronald] Reagan before that and under [Jim] Carter before that. He has been there a long time.
Rachel Maddow
If [Hillary] Clinton wins, history will also be made: She would be the first female U.S. president, of course, but also the only candidate in the modern era, other than George H.W. Bush, who managed to follow a two-term president of her own party.
Mara Liasson