Give Me A Chance Quotes

Give Me A Chance Quotes by Jennifer Weiner, Robert Barry, Steve Jobs, Shannen Doherty, Halle Berry, Parmenides and many others.

I'm so glad that social media gives me a chance to do t

I’m so glad that social media gives me a chance to do that, to celebrate books I love and help proselytize for books I love.
Jennifer Weiner
If somebody gives me a chance to do something, I am going to use that space, that time, that light, that whatever it is and try and work with it.
Robert Barry
I feel like somebody just punched me in the stomach and knocked all my wind out. I’m only 30 years old and I want to have a chance to continue creating things. I know I’ve got at least one more great computer in me. And Apple is not going to give me a chance to do that.
Steve Jobs
I’m not saying that anybody should like me. Give me a chance before you form that opinion.
Shannen Doherty
I love a character that gives me a chance to grow and do something different.
Halle Berry
Give me a chance to create a fever and I will cure any disease.
We’re given second chances every day of our life. We don’t usually take them, but they’re there for the taking.
Andrew Greeley
Hi, I’m one of the knife-carrying hooligans you met last night in Pandemonium? I’m afraid I made a bad impression and was hoping you’d give me a chance to make it up to-” “SIMON!
Cassandra Clare
On movies, I like to involve the cast in the writing of the script. I like to have a rehearsal period, after which I do the last draft, which gives me a chance to incorporate anything the actors have come up with during the rehearsal period, so I’m very inclusive as a writer.
John Cleese
I would be consumed by you,’ she said, and blinked her eyes furiously when she felt them fill with tears. ‘You would sap all the energy and all the joy from me. You would put out all the fire of my vitality.’ ‘Give me a chance to fan the flames of that fire,’ he said, ‘and to nurture your joy.
Mary Balogh
Why don’t you ever wait a second and see what I’m planning, or thinking, before you burst in with your opinions and ideas? You never even give me a chance.
Sarah Dessen
If you’re just an actor you’re reactive. You’re saying, “Well, I hope Hollywood gives me a role, or gives me a chance at a role,” whereas if you can generate your own content, then you can go where you want to go.
Matt Damon
Acting gives me a chance to be people I will never be, in real life. I like changing who I am.
James Purefoy
I always like to go to Washington D.C. It gives me a chance to visit my money.
Bob Hope
Look. You all do things that are beautiful and magical and… and important. But me… there’s gotta be more to my life than just pots and kettles. All I’m asking you is that you give me a chance.
I always love directing because it gives me a chance to be with everyone 24/7.
Aline Brosh McKenna
I’m looking for something that gives me a chance to stretch. Because I have my own work, and I can do anything I want in my own work – juggle, tap dance, anything I want.
Bette Midler