Had A Good Time Quotes

Had A Good Time Quotes by Nathan Fillion, David Hyde Pierce, Paco de Lucia, Harry Connick, Jr., Harold Prince, Ian Ziering and many others.

People keep inviting me back. It's nice to work with th

People keep inviting me back. It’s nice to work with the same people when you’ve had a good time previously, and this is one of those cases.
Nathan Fillion
We all went to Kelsey’s wedding, and yeah, we go to parties. We also go to each other’s house. A group of us got together over at Kelsey’s and just read through some plays just for the fun of it. That may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but we had a good time.
David Hyde Pierce
With the guitar I’ve suffered a great deal, but when I’ve had a good time, the suffering seemed worthwhile.
Paco de Lucia
Live theater is just an incredibly powerful medium, and I think anyone who goes, whether they know about it or not, if they see something that sort of fits with them, it’s kind of hard to deny that they had a good time.
Harry Connick, Jr.
I always had a good time in theatre, even when shows don’t turn out as well as I’d like.
Harold Prince
I love coming to Las Vegas. I’ve always loved it and always had a good time.
Ian Ziering
We do not remember days, we remember moments.
Cesare Pavese
Nobody can deprive me of the fact that I had a good time.
Giacomo Casanova
I had a good time working with Russell Crowe, Ron Howard and Ed Harris. It was a great cast and Russell worked really hard, doing tons of research and questioning everything
Jennifer Connelly
When I first came in, I partied and had a good time. I used to spend $500,000 on chains that don’t make no sense. Then I started having babies. I don’t do the bull**** no more.
Shaquille O’Neal
Even if the dramatic scenes are really hard, if you’re happy with what you have and it’s been creative and you had a good time with the people you worked with, that’s a good day.
Ayelet Zurer
I had a lot of friends in high school and in college, and we had a good time.
Ricky Williams
In the works of Lucretius, we find two reasons why we shouldn’t worry about death. If you have had a successful life, Lucretius tell us, there’s no reason to mind its end. And, if you haven’t had a good time, “Why do you seek to add more years, which would also pass but ill?”
Alain de Botton
Some of the presidents were great and some of them weren’t. I can say that, because I wasn’t one of the great presidents, but I had a good time trying to be one, I can tell you that.
Harry S. Truman
I have great family and friends that do not treat me like Queen Latifah. We’ve all grown with this thing, they have sacrificed part of there anonymity; they’ve had to deal with rumors and things in the paper and they’ve had to take this ride along with me and they’ve taken it and we’ve had a good time.
Queen Latifah
In good times, people want to advertise; in bad times, they have to.
Bruce Barton
We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.
Jeremy Irons