Having A Hard Time Quotes

If you have doubts about someone, lay on a couple of jokes. If he doesn’t find anything funny, your radar should be screaming. Then I would say be patient with people who are negative, because they’re really having a hard time.
Michael J. Fox
Though people see me in a good light all the time, I turn off my phone and take time to have a good conversation with myself while enjoying nature alone when I’m having a hard time.
I didn’t know you were having a hard time. I really am unqualified to be a teacher. Hurting you there…I’m really sorry.
Cheon Eunbi
I was having a hard time at school, in terms of being crap at everything, with no discernible talent.
Daniel Radcliffe
Prior to my father’s death, I was having a hard time committing to a career as an artist, but that’s not because of who he was – it was because of who I am. It’s true, though, that I felt I shouldn’t compete with him, and that those feelings went away after he died.
Kiki Smith
Affirm for yourself that you are a success. Affirm that you are successful in getting rid of your clutter. If you are having a hard time getting started, be grateful that you are such a successful clutterer. Who else could have amassed such a collection of stuff?
Emmet Fox
There was only really one accident that was kinda bad but it was nothing to do with booze, just bad luck… I was having a hard time a couple of years ago… I’m a good driver, I just had bad luck.
Billy Joel
I wouldn’t care if he lost both his legs and was in a wheelchair. But it he’s having a hard time…Then I won’t see him.
Na Hae Ryeong
I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to say things. I’m a little exhausted by the process.
Eddie Vedder