Let Me Love You Quotes

Let Me Love You Quotes by Cassandra Clare, Ann Brashares, Ryohgo Narita, Frank Sinatra, Abbi Glines, Lisa Kleypas and many others.

Whither thou goest, I will go; Where thou diest, will I

Whither thou goest, I will go; Where thou diest, will I die And there will I be buried: The Angel do so to me, and more also, If aught but death part thee and me.
Cassandra Clare
Let me love you, but don’t love me back. Do love me and let me hate you for a while. Let me feel like I have some control, because I know I never do.
Ann Brashares
I can’t bring myself to trust you. But even if you were to betray me, and even if you were to become my enemy… would it be okay for me to love? Could you… let me love you?
Ryohgo Narita
Who knows where the road will lead us
Only a fool would say,
But if you let me love you
I’m sure to love you all the way.
Frank Sinatra
I need you. Right now. Let me love you right here, please.
Abbi Glines
I closed my eyes, thinking, Let me love you, Hardy, just let me.
Lisa Kleypas
Marry me, Gracie. Marry me and let me take care of you. Let me love you and prove it each and every day.
Susan Mallery
It doesn’t matter. I’m not asking forever of you…just let me love you now.
Joan D. Vinge
Pray to God: It’s all right if you don’t love me, but please let me love you!
Mata Amritanandamayi
I want you to love me. I want you to trust me enough to let me love you, and I want you to stay here with me so we can build a life together. That’s what I want
Francine Rivers