Made For Each Other Quotes

Made For Each Other Quotes by Michael Bolton, Jaron Lanier, Laozi, Adolf Hitler, Albert Belle, George Berkeley and many others.

You know, fans who think we were made for each other an

You know, fans who think we were made for each other and describe it in excruciating detail. You get peculiar things and beautiful things. But either way they’re clearly thinking about you, which is nice.
Michael Bolton
Mobs and dictators were made for each other, and when mobs appear, dictators will soon flourish.
Jaron Lanier
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
A meeting between two people who complete each other, who are made for each other, borders already, in my opinion, on a miracle.
Adolf Hitler
I feel like myself and the city of Cleveland are in the same boat. We’re made for each other. A few years ago, everybody had bad thoughts on Albert Belle. I feel that has changed.
Albert Belle
To me it seems that liberty and virtue were made for each other. If any man wish to enslave his country, nothing is a fitter preparative than vice; and nothing leads to vice so surely as irreligion.
George Berkeley
If Ford is to Chevrolet what Dodge is to Chrysler,
what Corn Flakes are to Post Toasties,
what the clear blue sky is to the deep blue sea,
what Hank Williams is to Neil Armstrong –
can you doubt we were made for each other?
Lyle Lovett
Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.