Now And The Future Quotes

Now And The Future Quotes by Jason Evert, Jonas Mekas, Horst Rechelbacher, Alex Jones, Dan Millman and many others.

Don't let yourself be defined by the past. It's done. A

Don’t let yourself be defined by the past. It’s done. All you have is now and the future.
Jason Evert
Suddenly the intermedia shows are all over town..Theirs remains the most dramatic expression of the contemporary generation. The place where its needs and desperations are most dramatically split open. At the Plastic Inevitable it is All Here and Now and the Future.
Jonas Mekas
One of the best antidotes for depression is to look around and see what you can do to help out – to make a difference – for now and the future. Now is the future, for what I do right now is the future. For what I am doing right now is already affecting tomorrow.
Horst Rechelbacher
We know what totalitarian looks like, we know what oppression looks like, we know what the dumb culture of totalitarianism smells like. This is it! It’s happening now, and the future of the world is being decided. So, get out there, make your own sites, take action!
Alex Jones
Just handle what is in front of you now and the future will take care of itself. Otherwise, you’ll spend most of your life wondering which foot you’ll use to step off the curb when you’re still only halfway to the corner.
Dan Millman