Running Out Of Time Quotes

Running Out Of Time Quotes by Billie Joe Armstrong, Chuck Palahniuk, Achim Steiner, Kiki Smith, Jonathon Porritt, Ozzy Osbourne and many others.

It's okay to grow up, it's just slowing down that's the

It’s okay to grow up, it’s just slowing down that’s the scary part. Running out of time. It’s okay to grow up, but it doesn’t mean you have to become like your parents.
Billie Joe Armstrong
Dude, the place is filling up,” I say. “It feels like we’re living in the bottom half of an hourglass.” Like somehow we’re running out of time.
Chuck Palahniuk
If you take the hard numbers, then science is clearly telling us that we’re running out of time.
Achim Steiner
When you get older, you’re running out of time. You care more about trying to stay on the planet a little longer, so you can learn how to draw better!
Kiki Smith
We are now running out of time, and the question now is not what is happening to the climate, but how bad will it be before the world starts doing enough?
Jonathon Porritt
Just another lonely broken hero picking up the pieces of my mind. Running out of faith and hope and reason, I’m running out of time.
Ozzy Osbourne
Like all twenty-one-year-old poets, I thought I would be dead by thirty, and Sylvia Plath had not set a helpful example. For a while there, you were made to feel that, if a poet and female,
you could not really be serious about it unless you’d made at least one suicide attempt. So I felt I was running out of time.
Margaret Atwood
I’m lucky enough that there is never a blank canvas in front of me… I have hundreds of projects that I want to do but I am running out of time.
George Lucas
My shoes were on Oprah but they ran out of time so I wasn’t on. I left my shoes in Chicago so they could put them on the show.
Matthew McGrory
Unprecedented warnings by officials most closely linked with nuclear arms negotiations and defense strategy indicate that we are running out of time. If we fail to act soon, the scars of a major nuclear disaster will mark our immediate and distant future.
Alan Cranston
The clock is ticking. It’s time to stand up. Reject the lesser evil and that propaganda. Reject the lesser evil. Fight for the greater good like our lives depend on it, because they do. We’re running out of time. It’s time to stand up.
Jill Stein
If you got the money honey I got the time and when you run out of money honey I run out of time.
Willie Nelson
An actor really suffers when the director isn’t prepared because you start running out of time for the shoot and then have to do it fast.
Carol Kane
We are running out of time
Barack Obama
My biggest worry is I’m running out of time and energy. Thirty years ago I thought 10 years was a really long time.
Dean Kamen
We need a transformation of the world economy and of how we use and share the Earth’s resources. We are running out of time. We are truly at the point of no return.
Graciela Chichilnisky
I no longer feel I’ll be dead by thirty; now it’s sixty. I suppose these deadlines we set for ourselves are really a way of saying we appreciate time, and want to use all of it. I’m still
writing, I’m still writing poetry, I still can’t explain why, and I’m still running out of time.
Margaret Atwood