Shoot For The Moon Quotes

Shoot For The Moon Quotes by Jennifer Grant, Cecelia Ahern, Ken Kutaragi, Oscar Wilde, Eminem, Richard Branson and many others.

Shoot for the moon. If you miss, shoot again.

Shoot for the moon. If you miss, shoot again.
Jennifer Grant
Don’t be afraid to fall in love again. Open your heart and follow where it leads you…and remember, shoot for the moon.
Cecelia Ahern
Microsoft shoots for the moon. Sony shoots for the sun.
Ken Kutaragi
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
Oscar Wilde
I shoot forВ the moonВ but I’m too busy gazing the stars.
I’ve always had a soft spot for dreamers – not those who waste their time thinking ‘what if’ but the ones who look to the sky and say ‘why can’t I shoot for the moon?’
Richard Branson
I always shoot for the moon in my work, so that I’m happy when I land on the roof.
Darren Criss
I don’t think in terms of failure….I don’t feel like anyone outside of me should be setting limitations. People should be encouraged to shoot for the moon.
Whoopi Goldberg
Shoot for the stars but if you happen to miss shoot for the moon instead.
Neil Armstrong
Motivation has to come from within. I make up my mind to shoot for the moon. Even if I don’t make it, I’ll be among the stars.
Francie Larrieu Smith