Stranger In A Strange Land Quotes

Stranger In A Strange Land Quotes by Bram Stoker, Mary Church Terrell, Robert A. Heinlein, Nicolas Winding Refn, Salvador Minuchin, Michael Jackson and many others.

But a stranger in a strange land, he is no one. Men kno

But a stranger in a strange land, he is no one. Men know him not, and to know not is to care not for.
Bram Stoker
As a colored woman I might enter Washington any night, stranger in a strange land, and walk miles without finding a place to lay my head
Mary Church Terrell
Goodness without wisdom always accomplishes evil.
Robert A. Heinlein
If you create something that is essentially alien to you – as a man – and make a film about woman, the more I can surround myself with woman and combine it with my soul’s point of view, the more I become a stranger in a strange land.
Nicolas Winding Refn
Only the family, society’s smallest unit, can change and yet maintain enough continuity to rear children who will not be ‘strangers in a strange land,’ who will be rooted firmly enough to grow and adapt.
Salvador Minuchin
ONCE UPON A TIME when the world was young there was a Martian named Smith.Valentine Michael Smith was as real as taxes but he was a race of one.
Michael Jackson
There comes a time in the life of every human when he or she must decide to risk ‘his life, his fortune and his sacred honor’ on an outcome dubious. Those who fail the challenge are merely overgrown children, can never be anything else.
Robert A. Heinlein
Once upon a time there was a Martian named Valentine Michael Smith.
Robert A. Heinlein
Two things I do value a lot, intimacy and the capacity for joy, didn’t seem to be on anyone else s list. I felt like the stranger in a strange land, and decided I’d better not marry the natives.
Richard Bach
Christ was crucified for preaching without a police permit
Robert A. Heinlein
I’ve found out why people laugh. They laugh because it hurts- because it’s the only thing that’ll make it stop hurting… I had been told that a ‘funny’ thing is a thing of goodness. It isn’t… The goodness is in the laughing. I grok it is a bravery- and a sharing- against pain and sorrow and defeat.
Robert A. Heinlein
A great artist can look at an old woman, portray her exactly as she is … and force the viewer to see the pretty girl she used to be … more than that, he can make anyone with the sensitivity of an armadillo see that this lovely young girl is still alive
Robert A. Heinlein
I try so hard not to think that I am a stranger in a strange land. But I know that I stand out.
Martha Raddatz
Like every living thing its prime characteristic is a blind, unreasoned instinct to survive.
Robert A. Heinlein
IВґm a stranger in a strange land.
Carson McCullers
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
Robert A. Heinlein
Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.
Robert A. Heinlein