Time To Move On Quotes

Time To Move On Quotes by Jacqueline Winspear, Lois Lowry, Jesse Ventura, Darren Johnson, Melanie Roach, Anne M. Mulcahy and many others.

It was time to move on, to dance with life again.

It was time to move on, to dance with life again.
Jacqueline Winspear
Memory is the happiness of being alone.
Lois Lowry
Whenever the government says, ‘It’s time to move on,’ that means there’s something they don’t want you to know about.
Jesse Ventura
A big part of letting go is recognizing when it is time to stay in a situation and when it is time to move on.
Darren Johnson
I’ve been a pretty selfish mom and a very unselfish athlete for about three years now and it’s time to put my family first. It’s probably time to move on.
Melanie Roach
I’m not formal and I’m impatient. So I think my team would say that when she starts tapping her pen and the leg starts moving quickly, that it’s time to move on. I’m not good at long, drawn-out kinds of sessions.
Anne M. Mulcahy
I think everyone’s had their pound of flesh and now it’s time to move on.
Tony Blair
I got a lot out of ‘Brothers Sisters’ and learnt some incredible things and I think it certainly had come to a natural ending, so it was definitely time to move on.
Matthew Rhys
Being the first woman speaker and breaking the marble ceiling is pretty important. Now it’s time to move on.
Nancy Pelosi
Once I’m done with a book, I’m done! I’m just not a sequel kind of girl. By the time I’ve finished a book I’ve read it so many times that it’s time to move on.
Sarah Dessen
[Last words:] My Lord, it is time to move on. Well then, may your will be done. O my Lord and my Spouse, the hour that I have longed for has come. It is time to meet one another.
Teresa of Avila
In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.
Robert Frost
When you stop being nervous is when you should retire. I’m always a little nervous for anything I do because when complacency sets in, that’s when I feel it’s time to move on to something else.
Chris Jericho
I just feel that you reach a point when its time to move on.
LaVell Edwards
No matter what it is, pick yourself up and go on to the next project
Shelley Duvall
You don’t rest well as long as you’re seeking vengeance. I feel sad justice wasn’t done, but it’s time to move on and sleep well.
James Cameron
I miss Seattle a lot. It was my first city that I lived in on my own. It was a great city to play for. It was unfortunate for the fans what happened, but it’s time to move on. I’m sure they’ve moved on. But in the back of my mind, I still have a thing for Seattle and always am going to remember what they’ve done for me.
Kevin Durant