You Re So Beautiful Quotes

You Re So Beautiful Quotes by Avril Lavigne, Eva Green, Marilyn Monroe, C. S. Lewis, Nora Roberts, Shane Koyczan and many others.

You're so beautiful But that's not why I love you And I

You’re so beautiful But that’s not why I love you And I’m not sure you know That the reason I love you, is you Being you, just you Yea the reason I love you Is all that we’ve been through And that’s why I love you
Avril Lavigne
When people say ‘You’re so beautiful’ it makes me want to kill myself! As an actress you want to be seen for what you do, for the characters you can play, otherwise I’d be a model
Eva Green
Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right.
Marilyn Monroe
Please,’ she said, ‘You’re so beautiful. You may eat me if you like. I’d rather be eaten by you than fed by anyone else.
C. S. Lewis
Sometimes I just want to gobble you whole, eat you alive. You’re so gorgeous. You’re so beautiful.
Nora Roberts
I don’t want to turn any of this into poetry / but / you’re so beautiful / flowers turn their heads to smell you
Shane Koyczan
You ‘re so beautiful.
Tammara Webber